Our Approach

At M&E House Buka Hatene, we provide technical and advisory services to the Australian Embassy in Timor-Leste and implementing partners to collect and use credible information to improve Australia’s development program.

Our team of independent specialists build fit-for-purpose monitoring, evaluation and learning systems that utilise reliable evidence.

We provide practical and accessible tools to collect timely and relevant information. And we strengthen skills to interpret this information and use it for strategic decision making.

M&E House is a four-year investment funded by Australia’s development program in Timor-Leste.

A whole of aid approach

By approaching monitoring and evaluation from a whole of aid perspective, we equip decision makers with the knowledge they need to make informed and evidence-based decisions about 
Australia’s development program.

Investment-level performance management

By guiding the Australian Embassy in Timor-Leste and implementing partners to articulate program goals, we facilitate teams to design robust, lean, and effective monitoring and evaluation plans, to interpret evidence, and apply lessons learned.

Developing skills

By providing targeted skills training, we support individuals and organisations to develop and implement monitoring and evaluation systems, interpret data, and to share their skills
and experiences with others.

Our Services

Whole of aid

We provide technical and strategic support to the Australian Embassy in Timor-Leste to design and implement an influential performance management system for the whole of Australia’s development program in Timor-Leste.

Investment design

We advise, facilitate and participate in investment designs.

MEL systems

We provide technical support to implementing partners to develop and use lean monitoring, evaluation and learning systems and tools, and to draft user-focused reports.

Learning and performance

We facilitate learning dialogues, reflections, and reviews to enable shared program assessment and decision making.


Reviews and evaluations

We provide technical support to design, implement and disseminate reviews, research and evaluations.

Capacity building

We train, mentor and convene a community of practice to promote sharing of resources, ideas 
and approaches.

Information management

We will establish a platform to provide timely and useful information to facilitate strategic decision making.

Our Team Statement and Team Ethics

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We facilitate the Australian Embassy and partners to jointly make key program decisions using evidence
We use participatory processes to build ownership of performance management
We facilitate teams to understand goals, interpret data, design systems, and use tools
We provide technical and strategic advice to inspire and support change processes
We provide innovative and easy to use tools and methods
We focus on the long-term strategic capacity building of staff and target training to their needs

M&E House is committed to protecting children and their rights and requires all M&E House Personnel to comply with the GHD Child Protection Policy and the GHD International Development Assistance Child Protection Procedures in delivering development assistance services. 

Our Principles

Lean and Efficient

We design M&E systems to be selective, fit-for-purpose, and ensure that the limited number of indicators is of maximum relevance.


We work with individuals and organisations to ensure that their monitoring and evaluation generates information that is credible, targeted, accessible, and timely.

Ethical and Transparent

We treat all sensitive information with confidentiality and ensure that information is factual and evidence-based.


We engage the Australian Embassy in Timor-Leste and implementing partners in ways which are appropriate to meet their specific needs.

Systems Thinking

We promote systems thinking to support performance management and link aggregate indicators.

Policies and Principles

We ensure consistency with Australia’s development program policies and principles and internationally accepted good practice.


We actively promote continuous learning within programs and sharing lessons across programs.

Inclusive and Equitable

We are committed to an inclusive and equitable approach.

We work with the Australian Embassy and Implementing Partners in Timor-Leste

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M&E House is an Australian funded investment delivered in association with GHD International Development Group and evaluation specialists, Clear Horizon.